Batman.js is no longer in production at Shopify and is not actively maintained.

This website is left for reference (and for old times' sake).


Batman includes some helper methods to assist in DOM manipulation.

The following are included in the platform adapters:

  • querySelector
  • querySelectorAll
  • destroyNode
  • setInnerHTML
  • textContent
  • addEventListener
  • removeEventListener
  • @scrollIntoView(elementID : string)

    Scrolls the desired element into view. If the element isn't there or doesn't have a scrollIntoView method this will fail silently.

  • @setStyleProperty(node : Node, property : string,value : string, importance : string)

    Sets the style property or attribute on the supplied node. This method will prefer setProperty over setAttribute.

    test "setStyleProperty", ->
      node = document.createElement('div')
      Batman.DOM.setStyleProperty( node, "color", "white", "important")
      equal"color"), "white"
      equal "important","color")
  • @valueForNode(node: Node [, value = '', escapeValue = true ]) : string

    Gets the value of a node and optionally sets it as well. escapeValue will escape the value via Batman.escapeHTML

    test 'valueForNode', ->
      node = document.createElement('input')
      val = Batman.DOM.valueForNode(node, 'stuff' )
      equal val, "stuff"
      equal node.value, "stuff"
  • @nodeIsEditable(node) : boolean

    Returns whether a node is editable or not.

    test 'nodeIsEditable', ->
      node = document.createElement('div')
      ok !Batman.DOM.nodeIsEditable(node)
      node = document.createElement('input')
      ok Batman.DOM.nodeIsEditable(node)
  • @addEventListener(node : Node, eventName : string, callback : function)

    Adds the event listener, uses the platform addEventListener if available otherwise use attachEvent on{eventName} Batman stores the listeners internally.

  • @removeEventListener(node : Node, eventName : string, callback : function)

    Removes the event listener from the node and removes any internal references to it.

  • @cleanupNode(node : Node)

    Removes all the event listeners from the specified node and any child nodes.

  • .hasAddEventListener : boolean

    Returns the whether the window object contains addEventListener.

    test "does the window have an event listener", ->
      ok Batman.DOM.hasAddEventListener
  • @preventDefault(e : Event)

    Prevents the default event from happening. If preventDefault isn't a function then it will set the returnValue to false

    test "preventDefault", ->
      e = { returnValue: true }
      ok !e.returnValue
      e = { preventDefault: -> ok true }
  • @stopPropagation(e : Event)

    Stops the event from propogating. If the stopPropgation isn't a function then it will set cancelBubble to true

    test "stopPropagation", ->
      e = { cancelBubble: false }
      ok e.cancelBubble
      e = {stopPropagation: -> ok true }

    The following methods are only available with the jQuery platform or a polyfill

  • @querySelectorAll(node : Node, selector : string)

    Performs a jQuery like selector depending on your platform

  • @querySelector(node : Node, selector : string)

    Performs a jQuery like selector that returns one element

  • @destroyNode(node : Node)

    Calls Batman.DOM.cleanupNode and removes node and anything inside from the document tree.

    test 'destroyNode', ->
      node1 = document.createElement('div')
      node2 = document.createElement('div')
      node3 = document.createElement('div')
      Batman.DOM.destroyNode( node1 )
      equal node1.childNodes.length, 1
  • @setInnerHtml(node : Node, html : string)

    Set an element's content and any content that was in that element is completely replaced by the new content. note this can't be used on XML documents.

    test "innerHTML", ->
      node = document.createElement('div')
      Batman.DOM.setInnerHTML(node, "FOO")
      equal node.innerHTML, "FOO"
  • @textContent(node) : string

    Returns the string of the text contained in the node.

    test "textContent", ->
      node = document.createElement('div')
      content = document.createTextNode("FOO")
      equal Batman.DOM.textContent(node), "FOO"

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