Meet your new favorite JavaScript superhero

If you love Ruby on Rails, batman.js is the best, most familiar way to build rich web apps in CoffeeScript.

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Love Rails?
You'll love batman.js.

If you know Rails, then you'll be up and running with batman.js in minutes. batman.js was built with Rails development in mind, allowing you to save time and use less code.

Serious Scalability.
batman.js makes it easy.

Building the next [insert trendy website/app]? batman.js was created with scalability in mind and currently powers Shopify. In other words, your project will never outgrow batman.js.

Happiness for
developers & designers.

batman.js was created with developer and designer happiness as a top priority. Here's some cool stuff:

  • Structured directory hierarchy
  • Familiar Rails conventions
  • Data bindings for rapid building of HTML
  • Liquid-style filter syntax

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