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Batman.TransactionAssociationSet is a Batman.Set used for transactions of has-many associations. It isolates the original Batman.AssociationSet from any changes to the items or any added or removed items until applyChanges is called.

A Batman.TransactionAssociationSet adds any items that are added to its base set during the transaction. This is so that, if the association is being loaded, the newly-loaded items will appear in the transaction.

Calling save on a Batman.Transaction model applies changes to its associations as well, so it's rare to interact with a Batman.TransactionAssociationSet directly.

After calling save, you can access items that were removed from the association set during the transaction at removedItems, for example:

parent = # applies changes
removedChildren = parent.get('children.removedItems')
# Returns `children` that were removed during the transaction
  • constructor(associationSet, visited : Array, stack : Array) : TransactionAssociationSet

    Creates a new Batman.TransactionAssociationSet based on associationSet. It loads the members of associationSet and observes it for "itemsWereAdded", adding any items to itself that are added to the base set.

  • build(attributes : Object) : Model

    Builds a new instance of the associated model, with attributes mixed in, then adds it to the TransactionAssociationSet.

  • add(items...) : Array

    Adds items to the TransactionAssociationSet. Items are expected to not be transactions: they will be made into transactions by add.

    The transaction is added to the set and the original item is also tracked by the set (for the purpose of applying changes). If an item was previously removed, it is no longer considered to be removed.

    Fires itemsWereAdded with the added transactions and returns an array of added transactions.

  • remove(transactions...) : Array

    Removes transactions from the set. These items are still tracked by the set: after applyChanges, they'll be available as removedItems on the base association set.

    If an item is removed, then added back, it is not put in the removedItems set during applyChanges.

  • applyChanges

    Applies changes to the base AssociationSet by:

    • calling applyChanges on each item in the set
    • replacing the AssociationSet's contents with the updated contents
    • putting any removed items in the AssociationSet's "removedItems".
  • associationSet

    The base Batman.AssociationSet for this transaction.

  • association : Association

    The Batman.Association object from the base Batman.Association.

  • foreignKeyValue

    The foreignKeyValue from the base Batman.Association.

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