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Batman.DOM.AbstractCollectionBinding is the parent class for all collection bindings. It extends Batman.DOM.AbstractAttributeBinding. To extend Batman.DOM.AbstractCollectionBinding, a child class must define handleArrayChanged, which is called when the collection changes. The child class may define handleItemsAdded, handleItemsRemoved, and handleItemMoved, which will be bound to colleciton events.

Extended by:

  • Batman.DOM.ClassBinding
  • Batman.DOM.IteratorBinding
  • Batman.DOM.StyleBinding
  • collection : Enumerable

    The Batman.Enumerable (eg, Batman.Hash, Batman.Set) bound to this binding.

  • dataChange(collection)

    If collection is defined, either sets up bindings with bindCollection, or (if that returns false) calls handleArrayChanged with collection's items.

    If collection isn't defined, it is treated as [].

  • bindCollection(newCollection) : Boolean

    Sets up bindings between itself and the collection, setting newCollection as @collection. Returns true if bindings were initialized properly.

    If newCollection is @collection, returns true without re-binding.

    If the binding defines @handleItemsAdded, @handleItemsRemoved and @handleItemMoved _and newCollection.isCollectionEventEmitter, the binding will bind to collection event. Otherwise, it will bind to the collection's toArray property.

  • unbindCollection()

    Removes bindings between itself and its current collection

  • handleArrayChanged()

    Must be implemented by implementing classes to handle changes to @collection.

  • die()

    unbinds @collection, sets @collection to null and kills the binding.

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