Batman.js is no longer in production at Shopify and is not actively maintained.

This website is left for reference (and for old times' sake).


Batman.DOM.AbstractBinding is the parent class for all batman.js view bindings. It extends Batman.Object.

Extended by:

  • Batman.DOM.AbstractAttributeBinding
  • DebuggerBinding
  • Batman.DOM.AbstractCollectionBinding
  • Batman.DOM.DeferredRenderBinding
  • Batman.DOM.FileBinding
  • Batman.DOM.InsertionBinding
  • Batman.DOM.RadioBinding
  • Batman.DOM.RouteBinding
  • Batman.DOM.SelectBinding
  • Batman.DOM.ShowHideBinding
  • Batman.DOM.ValueBinding
  • Batman.DOM.ViewBinding
  • Batman.DOM.ViewArgumentBinding
  • constructor(definition: Object) : AbstractBinding

    The binding gets some of its attributes from definition:

    • @node
    • @keyPath
    • @view
    • @onlyObserve
    • @skipParseFilter

    And performs some setup:

    • parseFilter unless @skipParseFilter
    • setupBackingView if @backWithView is a view class
    • bind if @bindImmediately
  • unfilteredValue

    The value of the binding before filters are applied, determined by its @value literal or by looking up @key against @view with View::lookupKeypath.

  • filteredValue

    The result of unfilteredValue passed through @filterFunctions with @filterArguments.

  • filterFunctions : Array

    An array of functions idenitified by the binding's filters.

  • filterArguments : Array

    An array of argument arrays for each function in @filterFunctions.

  • bindImmediately[=true] : Boolean

    If true, bindings are initialized during the constructor. A Batman.DOM.AbstractBinding subclass may define this as false and call bind in its own implementation.

  • shouldSet[=true] : Boolean

    Used by the binding to avoid multiple sets while updating.

  • isInputBinding[=false] : Boolean

    Set to true by bindings that take user input.

  • onlyObserve[='all'] : String

    Defines what values the binding observes. Must be in ['data', 'node', 'all', 'none'].

  • skipParseFilter[=false] : Boolean

    If true, parseFilter is skipped during initialization.

  • node

    The node that this binding is defined on.

  • keyPath : String

    The string passed to the binding, including all filters.

  • view : View

    The Batman.View that rendered this binding.

  • backingView : View

    The Batman.View initialized as a backing view for this binding, if one was initialized.

  • superview : View

    Points to @view if a backing view was set up.

  • key

    The first argument passed to the binding, if the first argument was a keypath.

  • value

    The first argument passed to the binding, if the first argument was a literal value.

  • isTwoWay() : Boolean

    Returns true if the only argument to the binding is a keypath (@key) and there are no filters. In this case, batman.js can update the keypath value when the DOM changes.

  • bind()

    Adds the Binding to @view's bindings and sets up observers on DOM and/JavaScript objects based on @onlyObserve, firing the observers once.

  • die()

    Kills the binding by forgeting all observers, die-ing all properties, and nullifying the binding's @node, @keyPath, @view, @backingView, and @superview

  • parseFilter()

    Parses the binding's @keyPath, including:

    • populating @filterFunctions and @filterArguments
    • setting @key or @value
  • parseSegment(segment: String) : Array

    Parses binding argument(s), returning an array of usable JavaScript values. If a keypath was found, it is sent back in an object like:

    { _keypath: "keyPathString"}

    It returns an array so that it can handle comma-separated arguments, eg those passed to the withArguments filter.

  • setupBackingView(viewClass, viewOptions) : View

    Sets up a new instance of viewClass with viewOptions as the binding's @backingView, if @backingView isn't already defined.

    If viewClass isn't defined, Batman.BackingView is used.

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